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When searching for the perfect property, working with a buyer’s agent opens up a
world of opportunities, allowing you to buy the right property for the lowest price.

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Matching you to your ideal property and desired location is a highly personalised experience. That’s why at Invision Property you engage directly with the founder, Nathan Prasad. Nathan’s inner-working knowledge of Brisbane’s evolving property market offers you insider access to pre-market and on-market properties that others sometimes miss.

Nathan gets to know your key requirements, your unique lifestyle and your exclusive tastes and then curates a refined showcase of properties that fit your needs like a glove.

Put simply, we’re here to take the time and guesswork out of finding your ideal property by cutting straight to the chase and getting your new property settled sooner.

success stories


success stories


Why Engage Invision Property as your buyers agent?

Aligning people with their ideal properties.

We are Brisbane’s number one buyer’s agent service for profitable property investments.
We help investors and families buy premium properties in Brisbane at incredibly affordable prices. Our team of experts does ALL the research to ensure our clients buy the right properties, at the right price, and in the best locations.

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Personalised Services

We have a team of buyer's agents who know what it feels like to enter the market with no support and overpaying for a property. Having worked hard to enhance their own investing and renovating knowledge, our team has represented multiple investors and new buyers over the years.

Insight into Brisbane's Local Market

If you want to find and execute the best deals, you'll need in-depth knowledge of the local market, industry and its major players. Lucky for you, we are experts in all things property and Brisbane. We'll help you navigate the market anytime you call on us.

We save you Money

Upon venturing into uncharted territory or industry, you're bound to make a few mistakes along the way. We'll make sure your property is vetted by experienced professionals before you pay a dime. We also have valuation and negotiation experts on our team to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Invest without needing to travel

Whether you're in Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, or anywhere else in and out of Australia, you'll save a lot of money on travel costs, and keep from wasting time in transit. Also, we'll provide you with a variety of communication channels so you'll always be in touch with members of our team.

We can get you the best deals

Finding good deals can be difficult, especially when it comes to off-market properties. At Invision Property, we have a team with sufficient expertise in the Brisbane real estate space to estimate the market cost of a property and negotiate with sellers. Where possible, we help clients get buildings at prices up to $50,000 below market value.


$ 1000
Upfront (2.5% + GST Success Fee)

All the benefits of Freemium PLUS tailored service to give you peace of mind in finding your property
  • Amplify your property search with a dedicated buyers agent by your side.
  • Detailed buyers brief with exclusive suburb searches
  • Full Service – Locate, Evaluate, Negotiate, Settlement, After care Support
  • Access to in-house expertise e.g New Home Consultants
  • Access to agents local market experience and insights
  • Access to agents local market experience and insights
  • Tailored client service support


No Upfront Cost
Upfront (2.5% + GST Success Fee)

All the basics that help " You " get ahead of the crowd
  • Access to distributed stocklist
  • Monthly check-ins with our buyers agents
  • Daily SMS of new opportunities within 2 hours of receiving
  • Access to property summary reports and locations


$ Free

Get important updates to learn the market and start you on your journey
  • Added to general database
  • Weekly summary of local property market and opportunities

Invision Property’s leader


Human connection is what makes a great business mind, a brilliant one.

When first meeting Nathan, people are immediately drawn to his confident but conversational approach. Navigated by total transparency, Nathan will share with you his own learnings from his personal property buying journey.

By sharing these learnings, Nathan will guide you through the common pitfalls that others might miss, ensuring the most seamless and thorough purchasing transaction you could hope for.

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Please fill the form below. We'll contact you as soon as possible.

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