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WELCOME TO Spring Hill


Nestled just a stone’s throw away from Brisbane’s bustling CBD, Spring Hill is a vibrant suburb that seamlessly blends historical charm with modern convenience. A premier location in Queensland, its unique character and endless offerings make it a sought-after destination for both residents and investors alike.


Historically, Spring Hill has played a pivotal role in shaping Brisbane’s cultural and architectural landscape. With its roots dating back to the early 19th century, the suburb is home to several heritage-listed sites that serve as a testament to its rich past. From the Old Windmill to the Spring Hill Baths, each corner of this suburb tells a unique story. Discover Queensland’s history here.


  • Local Shops and Eateries:Spring Hill’s thriving local scene offers a delightful array of boutique stores and diverse eateries. From upscale restaurants to cozy cafes, there’s something for every palate.
  • Recreation: The suburb boasts several parks like Roma Street Parkland and the Spring Hill Baths, ensuring residents have ample green spaces and recreational areas.


Spring Hill is an educational hub with a blend of esteemed schools and tertiary institutions. The likes of Brisbane Grammar School and Brisbane Central State School cater to younger students, while the Brisbane TAFE campus offers higher education courses. Parents and students have a range of choices ensuring quality education close to home. Explore Queensland’s education system here.


Connectivity is a breeze in Spring Hill. The suburb is well-serviced by public transport options including buses, trains, and the CityCycle bike hire scheme. Proximity to Brisbane’s CBD means residents are always just minutes away from the heart of the city. Major roads and highways are also easily accessible, making commutes and weekend getaways straightforward.


Spring Hill’s real estate landscape is a blend of historic homes, modern apartments, and townhouses.
  • Housing Trends: Over the past few years, the demand for properties in Spring Hill has seen a steady increase, with a particular inclination towards renovated historical homes. The appreciation rate remains h2, indicating a robust property market.
  • Rental Trends: With its strategic location and amenities, rental properties in Spring Hill are always in high demand. The suburb offers lucrative returns for investors, with rental yields consistently outpacing many other Brisbane suburbs.


Spring Hill is a melting pot of cultures, ages, and professions. While it’s popular among young professionals due to its proximity to the CBD, it’s also home to families, students, and retirees. The diverse community contributes to the suburb’s lively atmosphere and rich cultural scene.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Spring Hill a good place to live?

Absolutely. With its rich history, modern amenities, and vibrant community, it’s a top choice for many residents.

How close is Spring Hill to Brisbane CBD?

Spring Hill is conveniently located just a short walk or quick drive away from Brisbane’s CBD.

What type of properties are available in Spring Hill?

From historic homes to contemporary apartments, Spring Hill offers a diverse range of properties.

Are there good schools in Spring Hill?

Yes, Spring Hill boasts several reputed educational institutions catering to various age groups.

Is public transport easily accessible in Spring Hill?

The suburb is well-connected via buses, trains, and the CityCycle bike scheme.

What's the average price of homes in Spring Hill?

While prices vary, Spring Hill’s strong appreciation rate indicates a healthy property market.

Are there investment opportunities in Spring Hill?

Absolutely. The suburb’s strong rental yields and consistent demand make it a lucrative choice for investors.