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WELCOME TO Mount Gravatt


Nestled just a short distance from the heart of Brisbane, Mount Gravatt offers an eclectic blend of metropolitan charm and suburban tranquility. As experienced buyers agents, we at Invision Property recognize its growing allure among both residents and investors.


Mount Gravatt’s historical roots trace back to its namesake, Mount Gravatt mountain, which was named in 1840 after Lieutenant George Gravatt. Over the decades, it transformed from a largely agricultural hub to a vibrant suburban enclave, carrying a legacy that beautifully combines its historical past with modern aspirations.


  • Shopping Centers: With the Westfield Garden City a stone’s throw away, residents enjoy a diverse shopping experience.
  • Recreational Spots: The Mount Gravatt Lookout offers breathtaking views and is a favorite among locals for picnics and weekend strolls.
  • Dining: A smorgasbord of cafes, restaurants, and eateries offer cuisines from around the globe.


Mount Gravatt boasts a solid educational framework:


Mount Gravatt’s connectivity is one of its strong suits:

  • Buses: Frequent buses connect Mount Gravatt to Brisbane CBD and beyond.
  • Roads: The Pacific Motorway makes commuting a breeze.


With a blend of post-war homes and contemporary apartments, Mount Gravatt’s housing landscape reflects its dynamic character:

  • Housing Trends: We’ve observed an uptick in modern townhouses and renovated homes, adding a touch of elegance to the suburb.
  • Rental Trends: With proximity to universities and the CBD, rental demand remains robust. Investors can expect steady returns and appreciating capital values.


The diverse populace of Mount Gravatt ensures a vibrant cultural tapestry:

Age Group: A healthy mix of young professionals, families, and retirees.

Cultural Background: A melting pot of cultures, with a significant portion of long-standing Australian residents complemented by newer migrants.

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How far is Mount Gravatt from Brisbane CBD?

Mount Gravatt is approximately 10 kilometers southeast of Brisbane’s Central Business District.

Is Mount Gravatt family-friendly?

Absolutely. With its array of parks, schools, and family-oriented amenities, it’s ideal for families.

What's the average property price in Mount Gravatt?

Property prices can vary, but as of our last update, the median house price was in the mid-$600,000s. However, it’s always good to consult with experts like us for the most recent figures.

Are there any notable parks in Mount Gravatt?

Yes, Mount Gravatt Showgrounds and the nearby Toohey Forest Conservation Park are popular spots.

How is the public transport connectivity?

Mount Gravatt is well-serviced by buses, and the Pacific Motorway ensures smooth road connectivity.

Is it a good time to invest in Mount Gravatt?

Given its consistent growth, amenities, and connectivity, Mount Gravatt remains a solid choice for property investments.