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Nestled in the heart of Queensland is the vibrant suburb of Moorooka. With a rich tapestry of history and culture, it has quickly evolved into one of Queensland’s sought-after residential areas. As the leading buyers’ agents, we’re here to dive deep into what makes Moorooka stand out.


Moorooka’s origins trace back to Indigenous Australians, with the area traditionally belonging to the Yeronga tribe. The suburb has undergone various transformations over the years, from its agricultural roots to its growth post-World War II, welcoming a diverse range of residents and cultures.


Boasting a wide variety of amenities, Moorooka is a hub of convenience for its residents:

  • Shopping: With its bustling local markets and retail hubs like the Moorooka Shopping Centre, all your needs are covered.
  • Parks and Recreation: Residents enjoy numerous green spaces like Pegg’s Park and Koala Park, ideal for family picnics and outdoor activities.
  • Healthcare: With several clinics and health centres in proximity, medical care is just a stone’s throw away.


Moorooka is a thriving educational hotspot, catering to families with various options:


Connectivity is a breeze in Moorooka. With an efficient public transport system including buses and trains, residents can easily commute to Brisbane CBD and other major areas. Major roads like the Ipswich Motorway also offer seamless connections.


  • Rental Trends: The rental market in Moorooka is dynamic, with increasing demand for single and multi-family homes. Median rents have shown a steady uptrend, making it an ideal location for investors.
  • Housing Trends: Home values in Moorooka have been on a consistent rise due to its prime location and amenities. From character-rich Queenslander homes to modern apartments, there’s a blend of architectural styles that cater to a range of preferences.


Moorooka boasts a diverse demographic blend. It’s home to both long-time locals and newer residents, including international migrants, which adds to its rich cultural tapestry. Age-wise, it’s a mix of young professionals, families, and retirees.

The Benefits of Investing in Moorooka  

Moorooka is not just a residence; it’s an investment. Its strategic location, rising housing values, and rental demands make it a gold mine for investors. Moreover, the suburb’s continual growth ensures your investment will appreciate over time.

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Where is Moorooka located in Queensland?

Moorooka is a suburb located approximately 7km south of the Brisbane CBD.

What's the current median house price in Moorooka?

For the latest figures, it’s recommended to check reputable property listing sites like

Are there any notable historical landmarks in Moorooka?

Yes, Moorooka has several heritage-listed sites, reflecting its rich history.

How well-connected is Moorooka to Brisbane CBD?

With efficient public transport and road connectivity, Moorooka offers a quick commute to the Brisbane CBD.

What types of properties are predominant in Moorooka?

Moorooka offers a mix of traditional Queenslander homes and modern apartment complexes.