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WELCOME TO Kangaroo Point


Kangaroo Point, an idyllic riverside suburb in Queensland, offers picturesque views, modern amenities, and a rich history. Its strategic location opposite Brisbane’s central business district (CBD) makes it a hotspot for both real estate investors and homeowners alike.


Historically, Kangaroo Point has been a vital part of Brisbane’s story. Named for the kangaroos that were once seen on its riverbanks, it is home to the iconic Kangaroo Point Cliffs, which have stood witness to countless sunsets and milestones in the city’s journey. More about its history can be found at Brisbane History.


Whether it’s the mesmerizing view from the cliffs, the bustling cafes, or the expansive parklands, Kangaroo Point has something for everyone:

  • Leisure and Recreation: The Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park offers walking paths, rock climbing, and picnic spots. The famous Story Bridge Adventure Climb also adds to the suburb’s allure.
  • Dining: Food enthusiasts will appreciate the diverse range of eateries from modern Australian to ethnic delights.


Kangaroo Point is home to a variety of educational institutions catering to diverse needs:

  • Primary Schools: Local primary schools offer quality education in a nurturing environment.
  • Tertiary Institutions: The close proximity to Brisbane’s CBD provides easy access to the city’s leading universities and colleges.


Connected and convenient are two words synonymous with Kangaroo Point:

  • Public Transport: Efficient bus services and the CityHopper ferry make commuting a breeze.
  • Bridges: The Story Bridge connects Kangaroo Point directly to the CBD and Fortitude Valley, offering effortless travel.


The blend of historical homes and contemporary apartments make Kangaroo Point’s real estate market vibrant and versatile:

  • Housing Trends: A growing demand for riverside properties has seen a rise in modern apartment complexes. The renovated Queenslander homes, however, continue to retain their charm and value.
  • Rental Trends: Given its prime location, rental properties in Kangaroo Point command a premium, making it a lucrative option for real estate investors.


Kangaroo Point is as diverse as it is dynamic:

  • Age Distribution: A mix of young professionals, families, and retirees ensure a balanced and vibrant community.
  • Cultural Diversity: Its proximity to educational institutions and the CBD makes it a hub for both local and international residents.

With all the benefits Kangaroo Point offers, it’s no wonder it’s a sought-after locale for property investments.

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Why is Kangaroo Point a good investment?

Its strategic location, diverse housing options, and booming rental market make it a prime choice for real estate investors.

How accessible is public transport in Kangaroo Point?

With efficient bus services and the CityHopper ferry, the suburb boasts excellent connectivity.

What type of properties are available in Kangaroo Point?

From historic Queenslander homes to modern apartments, the suburb offers a mix of housing options.

Are there any recreational activities in Kangaroo Point?

Yes, residents can enjoy rock climbing, parklands, the Story Bridge Adventure Climb, and more.

How does Kangaroo Point compare to other Brisbane suburbs?

Its riverside location, rich history, and direct connection to the CBD make it one of Brisbane’s premium suburbs.

Can Invision Property assist with my property purchase in Kangaroo Point?

Absolutely. We specialize in helping clients find the best properties, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective buying process.