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WELCOME TO Indooroopilly


Indooroopilly, often lauded as one of Queensland’s premium suburbs, sits snugly along the banks of the Brisbane River. With a seamless blend of historic charm and modern conveniences, this suburb has seen consistent growth, making it a hotspot for investors and homeowners alike.


Dating back to the mid-1800s, Indooroopilly has a rich tapestry of history. Its name, derived from the Aboriginal words “nyindurupilli”, means ‘gully of the leeches‘. Over the years, Indooroopilly evolved from an agricultural hub to a modern residential and commercial centre, while maintaining glimpses of its historic charm.


From the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, Queensland’s largest shopping mall, to a plethora of dining establishments and green spaces, the suburb offers a mix of leisure and convenience. The Indooroopilly Golf Club further elevates the area’s appeal for recreational enthusiasts.


Education is a cornerstone in Indooroopilly. Home to some of the state’s most renowned schools such as Indooroopilly State School and St Peter’s Lutheran College, the suburb caters to a broad range of educational needs. The University of Queensland is also a stone’s throw away, making this an ideal location for students.


Connectivity is another of Indooroopilly’s h2 suits. With a dedicated train station and an extensive bus network, the Brisbane CBD is just a short commute away. The suburb’s roadways, including the Western Freeway, ensure easy access to neighbouring regions. Transport services in Indooroopilly


In recent years, Indooroopilly has seen an upward trajectory in property values. Its eclectic mix of historic Queenslanders, modern apartments, and spacious family homes cater to a diverse demographic. Investors can expect a sound capital growth potential, especially given the suburb’s consistent demand.

Rental Trends

The suburb’s rental market remains vibrant. Its proximity to educational institutions and the city centre makes it a favourite among students and professionals. With competitive rental yields and low vacancy rates, investors can enjoy a steady passive income stream.


Indooroopilly boasts a diverse populace. A significant portion of its residents are professionals, students, and young families. The multicultural fabric of the suburb is reflected in its varied events, dining establishments, and community spaces.

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What is the postcode for Indooroopilly?

Indooroopilly’s postcode is 4068.

Is Indooroopilly a good place to invest?

Absolutely. Its consistent growth, coupled with amenities and connectivity, makes it a favourable choice for investment.

How far is Indooroopilly from the Brisbane CBD?

Indooroopilly is approximately 7 kilometres southwest of Brisbane CBD.

What types of properties are available in Indooroopilly?

The suburb offers a mix of historic Queenslanders, modern apartments, and spacious family homes.

What is the average rental yield in Indooroopilly?

The rental yield varies based on property type and location within the suburb. It’s advisable to consult with a property expert for the most current statistics.

Are there any parks or recreational spaces in Indooroopilly?

Yes, Indooroopilly offers various parks and green spaces, providing a respite from urban life.