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WELCOME TO Holland Park


Holland Park, located just a short distance from Brisbane’s bustling city centre, is a peaceful and thriving suburb. With its harmonious blend of history, amenities, and a community-driven environment, it’s no wonder Holland Park has been a top pick for both families and investors for many years.


Originally a haven for the city’s workers in the early 20th century, Holland Park has evolved from its modest beginnings into a desirable residential enclave. The suburb gets its name from Julius Holland, who was one of the early settlers and had significant land holdings in the area. The area’s growth and development have seen a balance of retaining its historical charm while accommodating modern needs.


Holland Park is home to a plethora of amenities:

  • Parks & Green Spaces: With spaces like B. Mott Park and Glindemann Park, residents can enjoy lush greenery and relaxation spots.
  • Shopping Centres: The precinct has local stores and is also a stone’s throw away from larger shopping centres like Westfield Garden City.
  • Cafes and Restaurants: Foodies rejoice. Holland Park boasts a vibrant food scene with various cuisines, from traditional Aussie dishes to international delights.


Schools in Holland Park are renowned for their commitment to excellence:


One of the suburb’s key strengths is its seamless connectivity:

  • Bus Services: Regular buses link Holland Park to Brisbane CBD and other suburban areas.
  • Road Networks: The suburb is strategically situated near the Pacific Motorway, making commutes swift and hassle-free.


Holland Park’s housing scene is a balanced mix:

  • Ownership Trends: There’s been a consistent appreciation in house values, making it a lucrative spot for long-term investments. A blend of charming traditional homes and modern establishments caters to diverse tastes.
  • Rental Trends: The rental market is active, with a growing demand from young professionals and families alike. Median rental prices have seen steady growth, reflecting the suburb’s desirability.


Holland Park is a melting pot of cultures:

  • Age Groups: A balance of young families, professionals, and elderly residents gives the suburb its unique vibrancy.
  • Cultural Diversity: A mosaic of backgrounds and cultures converge, making Holland Park a rich tapestry of experiences.

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How far is Holland Park from Brisbane CBD?

Holland Park is approximately 8km from Brisbane’s CBD.

Is Holland Park suitable for families?

Absolutely. With quality schools, parks, and a safe environment, many families call Holland Park home.

How well-connected is Holland Park in terms of public transportation?

The suburb boasts excellent connectivity with regular bus services to various parts of the city.

Are there any upcoming developments in Holland Park?

Holland Park continues to evolve with planned residential and commercial developments in the pipeline.

Does Holland Park have any historical landmarks?

Yes, Holland Park maintains some historical homes and landmarks that are testament to its rich past.

What kind of amenities does Holland Park offer its residents?

From shopping centres, eateries to parks and schools, Holland Park offers a comprehensive range of amenities.

How diverse is the population in Holland Park?

Holland Park enjoys a diverse community with residents from various backgrounds and cultures.

Why should I consider investing in Holland Park?

Consistent appreciation in property values, a vibrant community, top-notch amenities, and strategic location make Holland Park a wise investment choice.