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WELCOME TO Hawthorne


Welcome to Hawthorne, a charming suburb located in Queensland with the postcode 4171. This picturesque area is known for its leafy streets, vibrant community, and convenient proximity to the Brisbane CBD. If you’re considering Hawthorne as a potential place to live or invest, you’re in for a treat. In this suburb profile, we’ll delve into its history, amenities, education options, transportation links, housing trends, demographics, and the numerous benefits of investing in this thriving locale.


Hawthorne’s history dates back to the late 19th century when it was initially developed as a residential area. Over the years, the suburb has retained its historic charm, with a mix of traditional and modern architecture. The area’s rich history is still evident in its heritage-listed properties, adding to the unique character of the neighborhood.


Hawthorne offers a delightful array of amenities to cater to its residents’ needs. From local cafes and restaurants to boutique shops and supermarkets, you’ll find everything you need within easy reach. The popular Hawthorne Garage is a hub for fresh produce and artisanal products, making grocery shopping a delightful experience.


Families in Hawthorne have access to a range of quality educational institutions. Local schools include Hawthorne State School, catering to primary education, and Norman Park State School for a variety of academic programs. For higher education options, nearby institutions like the University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology are easily accessible.


Getting around is a breeze in Hawthorne, thanks to its well-connected transportation network. Commuters can utilize the efficient ferry services from Hawthorne’s CityCat terminal, providing a scenic and convenient route to the CBD and other key areas. Additionally, regular bus services ensure seamless connectivity within the suburb and beyond.

Housing Trends:

Hawthorne’s real estate landscape boasts a mix of architectural styles, ranging from charming Queenslander homes to modern townhouses. Housing trends in the suburb have shown consistent growth in demand, making it an appealing option for both homebuyers and investors. Properties here offer a blend of tranquility and city convenience, contributing to their desirability.

Rental Trends:

The rental market in Hawthorne is buoyant, catering to a diverse range of tenants seeking a suburban haven close to the city. The combination of attractive amenities, access to transportation, and a h2 sense of community makes renting in Hawthorne a popular choice. Rental properties can vary from cozy apartments to spacious family homes.


Hawthorne boasts a diverse demographic profile, attracting young professionals, families, and retirees alike. The suburb’s welcoming atmosphere and proximity to essential services make it an appealing destination for individuals from all walks of life.

Benefits of Investing in Hawthorne:

Investing in Hawthorne offers a multitude of benefits. The suburb’s consistent growth in property value, coupled with its prime location, makes it a smart choice for investors seeking long-term capital appreciation. Its h2 rental market ensures a steady stream of potential tenants, enhancing the potential for a lucrative rental income.


What is the average property price in Hawthorne?

The average property price in Hawthorne can vary based on the type of property and its location within the suburb. To get the latest insights, you can refer to reputable real estate websites or consult local agents.

Are there good schools in Hawthorne?

Yes, Hawthorne is home to reputable schools such as Hawthorne State School and Norman Park State School. These institutions provide quality education options for residents.

How do I commute from Hawthorne to the Brisbane CBD?

Commuting to the Brisbane CBD from Hawthorne is convenient via the CityCat ferry services or regular bus routes. Both options offer an efficient and scenic journey.

Is Hawthorne a family-friendly suburb?

Absolutely, Hawthorne is known for its family-friendly environment. With local parks, schools, and amenities, it’s a great place for families to settle.

Are there opportunities for outdoor activities in Hawthorne?

Yes, Hawthorne offers a range of outdoor activities, including riverside walks, picnics in local parks, and access to the Brisbane River for water-based activities.

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