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WELCOME TO Clayfield


Welcome to the vibrant suburb of Clayfield in Queensland! Clayfield is located just 7 kilometers north of Brisbane’s central business district, and its postcode is 4011. This well-established suburb offers a perfect blend of modern amenities and a warm, community-oriented atmosphere. In this suburb profile, we will explore its history, housing and rental trends, demographics, education options, transportation links, and the many benefits of investing in Clayfield.


Clayfield has a rich history that dates back to the 19th century when it was predominantly used for farming and agriculture. Over the years, it has transformed into a sought-after residential area with a mix of beautifully preserved heritage homes and contemporary dwellings. The suburb’s name “Clayfield” is said to be derived from the red clay soil found in the area.


Clayfield offers a range of amenities and conveniences to its residents. The vibrant Nundah Village and Toombul Shopping Centre are nearby, providing access to retail outlets, cafes, restaurants, and entertainment options. Additionally, residents can enjoy local parks, sports clubs, and community centers for recreational activities and social gatherings.


Families with children will appreciate the excellent educational options available in Clayfield. The suburb is home to several reputable schools, including Eagle Junction State School, Clayfield College, and St. Rita’s College. These institutions offer high-quality education and cater to various age groups.


Clayfield enjoys convenient transportation links, making it easy for residents to commute to Brisbane’s CBD and surrounding areas. The Clayfield railway station provides quick access to the city via regular train services. Additionally, major roads like Sandgate Road and the Airport Link Tunnel facilitate smooth travel by car.

Housing Trends:

Clayfield boasts a diverse range of housing options, from charming Queenslanders to modern apartments and townhouses. Over the years, the suburb has experienced steady growth in property prices, making it an attractive investment opportunity.

Rental Trends:

For those looking to rent in Clayfield, the suburb offers a variety of rental properties, catering to different needs and preferences. Rental demand is generally strong due to its proximity to the CBD, educational institutions, and amenities.


Clayfield has a mix of residents from various backgrounds, contributing to a diverse and welcoming community. The suburb attracts young professionals, families, and retirees, creating a harmonious neighborhood atmosphere.

Benefits of Investing in Clayfield: 

Investing in Clayfield can be a smart financial move for several reasons:

  1. Prime Location: Its proximity to the CBD and major amenities makes it an attractive choice for tenants and homebuyers
  1. Steady Growth: The suburb has demonstrated consistent property price growth, offering potential for long-term capital appreciation.
  1. Rental Demand: With its excellent amenities and educational facilities, Clayfield attracts a steady flow of tenants, ensuring a reliable rental income.
  1. Diverse Housing Options: Investors have a wide range of property types to choose from, allowing them to tailor their investment strategy to suit their goals.
  1. Strong Community: Clayfield’s strong sense of community fosters a desirable living environment, attracting both owner-occupiers and tenants.


What is the average house price in Clayfield?

According to recent data, the average house price in Clayfield is around $1.2 million.

Are there good schools in the area?

Yes, Clayfield is home to several reputable schools, providing excellent education options for families.

Tab TitleHow far is Clayfield from Brisbane CBD?

Clayfield is approximately 7 kilometers north of Brisbane’s CBD, making it a convenient commute by car or train.

Does Clayfield have good public transport options?

Yes, the suburb is well-serviced by the Clayfield railway station and major roads, providing easy access to public transport.

Is Clayfield a safe suburb to live in?

Clayfield is generally considered a safe and family-friendly suburb with a low crime rate.

What amenities are available in Clayfield?

Clayfield offers a vibrant shopping precinct, parks, community centers, and a variety of dining and entertainment options.

How is the rental market in Clayfield?

The rental market in Clayfield is generally strong due to its desirable location and amenities.

Are there any new developments in Clayfield

There are occasional new developments in the area, providing additional housing options for buyers and investors.

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