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After helping tons of people buy a home in The Sunshine City, we’ve found out most people worry about just how much they have to spend to get a buyer’s agent on their side. A lot of them also wonder if getting a buyer’s agent is worth the expense.

If any of these thoughts have ever crossed your mind, I’ve got you. In this post, I’ll show you how much a buyer’s agent costs, and help you decide if getting a buyer’s agent is actually worth it.

As you probably already know, a buyer’s agent is a professional that guides and helps you purchase the best home at the best price. To get a buyer’s agent that knows their onions, you’ll need to pay for their services. What you probably don’t know is that a buyer’s agent fee is usually NOT an expense. On the contrary, it’s an investment that pays for itself during or after the purchase process.

If you stick with me until the end of this post, I’ll show you just how much a buyer’s agent can help, how much it costs to hire a buyer’s agents’ services, as well as where to find Brisbane buyer’s agents that can make your home purchase process a seamless experience.

Is A Buyer’s Agent Worth It?

Before we talk about how much money you may need to part with to get a buyer’s advocate on your side, you need to first decide if getting a buyer’s agent is even worth it. If you think it’s not a worthy investment, then there’s probably no need to part with a dime. Contrarily, if you think getting a buyer’s agent can significantly make things easier and better for you, then spending some AUD will make more sense.

So, here’s a few points to help you decide whether or not a buyer’s agent is even worth it.

Faster Purchase, Saves Time

On the average, home buyers stay on the market for 8 months. Within those months, they attend one auction to the next, wasting time and missing opportunities. The worst part is, property prices in Brisbane increase at an average of 10% every 6 months. That means while they wait, prices shoot through the roof.

But a buyer’s agent can cut the waiting time by as much as 90%. In fact, Invision Properties help home buyers purchase their dream home in as little as 4 weeks,

So, if saving time is high up your priority list, you should consider getting a buyer’s agent that knows the market.

Help Create A Solid Strategy

If you’re looking to invest in the fast-growing Brisbane market, then you need a strategy that’s profitable in the short and long term. Who better to help you design a strategy that works for the Brisbane market than  agents who truly understand the unique market and each of the constituent suburbs.

A buyer’s agent may be the difference between a successful investment and a total waste of money. So whether you’re an experienced realtor with good knowledge of several other markets, or a total noob in real estate investment, a buyer’s agent can make your Brisbane investment significantly more profitable and stress-free.

Skilled Negotiators

When it comes to negotiating the cost of a piece of real estate, you’re coming up against real estate who, let’s face it, are usually better negotiators than you are. They’ve sat on several negotiation tables and will do everything possible to squeeze the last dollar off of you.

What if you could get world class negotiators on your side who can potentially help you save tens of thousands of dollars on your purchase? It’s usually one perk that comes with hiring an experienced buyer’s agent with a proven track record. They already know the actual worth of the property, and know how to navigate the negotiation to ensure they get the very best deal. In fact, from this single benefit, you could save 5x what it cost to hire a buyer’s agent.

Access To Off-Market Listings

Seasoned buyer’s agents usually have a broad and healthy network that helps them get access to several off-market listings. Some of these properties tick all your boxes and are going for below market value. Sadly, you’ll never have access to them EXCEPT you have a buyer’s agent on your side.

Summarily, if you’re looking to save time and money while boosting your chances of getting the perfect home for your family or investment, then a buyer’s agent is your best bet.

Can I Afford To Hire A Buyer’s Agent?

Oh, well… By now you know getting a buyer’s agent is highly beneficial. But if you’re working on a tight budget, it’s only normal to wonder if you can truly afford to hire a buyer’s agent.

But I think you’re asking the wrong question. The right question should be: “Can I Afford NOT to hire a buyer’s agent?”

Because while it may seem paying a buyer’s agent’s fee is quite an expense, you get to save more money and the back end and enjoy more fulfillment from your purchase. If you’re looking to invest in Brisbane, a buyer agent can make sure you don’t buy an overpriced property and suffer a huge loss.

From saving you time and money to helping you create a fail-proof investment strategy, a buyer agent’s fee pays for itself. You truly cannot afford the risk of navigating the Brisbane real estate market without a buyer’s agent.

How Much Does A Buyer’s Agent Cost?

A buyer’s agents’ fee varies from one agent to the next. Usually, the buyer’s agent either charges a flat fee or a percentage of the purchase.

With Invision Properties, this depends on several factors including the complexity of the brief and the payment model that works best for you.

We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions, we ensure that each offer is tailored to your unique needs and most importantly, we make sure your fee is NOT an expense but a high-yield investment.

If you’re looking to know EXACTLY how much a buyer’s agent will cost you, get in touch with us to get a FREE quote.

Final Words

Buyer’s agents help in more ways than one. They’re armed with the market knowledge,  negotiation skills and network to help make your buying experience both stress-free. So, while you may part with some money upfront, it’s usually worth it.

However, there are quite a few buyer’s agents who are simply looking to make a quick buck off of you. They usually promise tons of diamonds, only to deliver a hunk of cheap glass.

If you’re looking to hire buyer’s agents with a track-record of happy, over-satisfied clients, Invision Properties may just be what you need. Schedule a FREE, no-obligation call to learn more about how we can help. Or read the suggested posts to learn more about Buyer’s Agents, and the Brisbane market.

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