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If you’ve ever tried to buy a house or even just watched those house shows on telly, you’ve probably heard the terms ‘Buyers Agent’ and ‘Realtor’. Here at Invision Property, we’ll delve into what each one does and how they can assist you in the house-buying journey.

What’s a Buyers Agent?

A Buyers Agent is like your best mate in the property world. They’re on your side, helping you find the right house, in the right place, for the right price. Here’s what they do:

  • Look for properties that match your wish-list.
  • Negotiate deals to try and get you the best price.
  • Handle paperwork because, there’s a lot.
  • Give advice based on market research.

So, What’s a Realtor Then?

Realtors are the ones who sell properties. They’re the ones you see with flashy signs and pictures of houses in shop windows. Here’s a breakdown:

  • List properties for sale.
  • Host open houses and show people around.
  • Negotiate offers on behalf of the seller.
  • Market the property with all those glossy ads.

But, the key thing to remember is that realtors work for the seller. If you’re buying a house, they won’t necessarily have your best interests at heart.

Why Would I Need a Buyers Agent?

It’s a bit like going to a footy match without your team’s scarf – you’re missing out on having someone on your side. A Buyers Agent will help you navigate the property market, making sure you get the best deal. Also, they’ve got insider knowledge. Think about it, they do this day in, day out, so they know what’s what.

Why Understanding the Difference Matters

Navigating the property market, especially in Australia, can feel like – a bit overwhelming and full of strange symbols. But the difference between a Buyers Agent and a Realtor is like the difference between a meat pie and a lamington – both quintessentially Australian, but serving very different purposes.

The Role of Trust in Property Transactions

When you’re making one of the biggest financial decisions of your life, trust is paramount. It’s a bit like trusting your mate not to spill the beans about your secrets. A Buyers Agent is the confidante you need. They’re focused solely on your needs, ensuring you don’t overpay or buy a lemon.

On the flip side, a Realtor is brilliant if you’re on the selling end. They know how to market a property to its fullest potential and can often get you a selling price that exceeds your expectations.

Experiencing the Aussie Dream

We’ve all heard about the ‘Great Australian Dream’ of owning a home, right?

To truly experience this dream, you need to find the right home, in the right neighbourhood, and that’s where a Buyers Agent becomes invaluable. They know the lay of the land, understand the intricacies of local markets like the back of their hand, and often have access to off-market properties, which is kind of like getting VIP access to a secret concert.

The Bigger Picture: Investing

Australia’s property market isn’t just about buying a home to live in; it’s also about investing for the future. And just like how we’d want a guide if we were trekking in the Outback, you’d want a Buyers Agent if you’re venturing into the property investment wilderness.

They can advise on potential rental yields, capital growth, and even help manage the property once you’ve secured it. In fact, the team at Invision Property have a dedicated section for property investment that’s chock-a-block full of useful insights.

A Realtor’s Expertise in Presentation

Now, let’s discuss a bit more about the Realtors. These folks are the kings and queens of presentation. Ever heard the phrase “putting your best foot forward”? Well, Realtors are experts at putting a property’s best ‘brick’ forward. They help with staging homes, professional photography, and crafting those descriptions that make even a humble abode sound like a palace. Their aim is to make sure that when potential buyers see a property, they see a home they’d love to live in.


If you are still a few years away from buying your first home, understanding the roles of these property professionals is making that future journey seem a tad less daunting. Whether you’re looking to buy your dream home, invest in property, or sell the place you’ve loved for years, understanding the distinction between a Buyers Agent and a Realtor can help ensure you’re getting the best deal, advice, and expertise possible. And if you’re ever feeling lost, just remember that the team at Invision Property is only a call away.


Whether you need a Buyers Agent or a Realtor really depends on what you’re trying to do. Selling a house? You’ll need a Realtor. Buying one? It might be wise to get a Buyers Agent from Invision Property on your side. For more information about the property buying and selling processes in Australia, you might want to check out the official resources from the Australian Government’s guide to property transactions, the First Home Owner Grant or the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s advice on property services. If  you’ve still got questions, why not get in touch with our agency? We’d be glad to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a Buyers Agent and a Realtor?

A Buyers Agent helps buyers find and purchase a home. A Realtor typically helps sell a property.

Do I have to pay a Buyers Agent?

Yes, but think of them as an investment. They can often save you money in the long run!

How do Realtors get paid?

They usually earn a commission from the sale of a property.

Do I need a Buyers Agent if I’m a first-time buyer?

It’s not compulsory, but they can make the process smoother.

Where can I learn more about property regulations in Australia?

The Australian Government has heaps of resources.

Is there any benefit to using both a Buyers Agent and a Realtor?

Yes! Especially if you’re both buying and selling at the same time.

How do I choose a good Buyers Agent?

Research, reviews, and personal recommendations. Don’t forget to have a look at our services.

Where can I get more info on buying properties in Australia?

The Australian Property Institute has loads of info!