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WELCOME TO Teneriffe


Teneriffe is a bustling and charming suburb located in the heart of Queensland. It boasts a rich history, modern amenities, and an inclusive community. With its riverside location and a plethora of lifestyle and investment opportunities, Teneriffe has become one of the most sought-after suburbs in Brisbane.


The name “Teneriffe” originates from the famous Canary Island peak, Tenerife, symbolising its connection to trade routes. Formerly an industrial hub dominated by wool stores and factories, Teneriffe has evolved into a residential hotspot, retaining much of its historical character. Many of these old buildings have been converted into stylish apartments, merging the past with the present in a truly unique manner.


  • Shopping and Dining: Teneriffe boasts a diverse range of boutiques, cafes, and fine-dining restaurants that cater to all palates.
  • Recreational Areas: The iconic Teneriffe Riverwalk is a haven for walkers and cyclists. Meanwhile, parks like Teneriffe Park provide green spaces for residents to relax.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Numerous clinics and health centres are readily accessible to cater to residents’ health needs.


Schooling options in Teneriffe are diverse and of high-quality. Institutions include:

  • Teneriffe State School: Offering a well-rounded education for younger residents.
  • Nearby Colleges: Including elite schools such as All Hallows and St James College.

Parents also have the luxury of choosing from numerous daycare centres and preschools within and around Teneriffe. More on schools in Teneriffe.


Accessibility is key in Teneriffe. With the following transportation options, residents and visitors can easily navigate the suburb and beyond:

  • CityCat Ferry: Provides scenic routes along the Brisbane River.
  • Buses: A comprehensive network that connects Teneriffe to Brisbane CBD and other suburbs.
  • Cycling Paths: Eco-friendly travel options abound with dedicated cycling lanes throughout the suburb.


Teneriffe’s housing market is dynamic, offering a blend of historic woolstore apartments, modern units, and family homes. Property values have been on a consistent rise, a testament to Teneriffe’s growing appeal. Potential investors can expect an average house price of around $1.5 million, with units averaging around $600,000.

Rental Trends

Rental properties in Teneriffe are in high demand, reflecting its lifestyle appeal. The median weekly rent for units stands at $500, while houses fetch around $750 per week. With a low vacancy rate, Teneriffe represents a sound rental investment opportunity.


Teneriffe’s community is a mix of young professionals, families, and retirees. With a median age of 35 years, it’s a vibrant locale that embraces cultural diversity. Many residents are Australian-born, but the suburb also enjoys a sizeable expatriate community, further enriching its cultural fabric.

Benefits of Investing in Teneriffe

  • Strong Capital Growth: Property values in Teneriffe have shown consistent appreciation over the years.
  • High Rental Demand: With its lifestyle offerings, rental properties are always in demand.
  • Diverse Range of Properties: From historic woolstores to modern apartments, there’s something for every investor.
  • Amenities and Lifestyle: The suburb offers a blend of convenience and recreation, making it attractive for long-term living.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Teneriffe from Brisbane CBD?

Just 2.5 km northeast of Brisbane’s central business district, Teneriffe is ideally positioned.

What kind of properties are available in Teneriffe?

Teneriffe offers a mix of historic woolstore apartments, modern units, townhouses, and family homes.

Is Teneriffe family-friendly?

Absolutely. With schools, parks, and a safe community environment, it’s perfect for families.

What's the rental yield in Teneriffe?

Teneriffe has an average rental yield of around 4%, making it a lucrative option for investors.

Why is Teneriffe considered a good investment?

Consistent capital growth, high rental demand, and lifestyle amenities make Teneriffe a prime investment location.

How can Invision Property help me?

Invision Property, with its expert team, offers tailored solutions, ensuring you get the best property at the best price.