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Located just a short drive north of Brisbane’s CBD, Stafford has transformed itself from a quiet residential area to a buzzing suburb with a perfect blend of tranquillity and vibrancy. Here’s what makes Stafford a great place to invest or live in.


Historically, Stafford was primarily a farming community until the mid-20th century. Over the years, with improved transportation links and infrastructure development, it has transformed into a sought-after residential area. The rich history of Stafford has left a mix of classic Queenslander homes with modern architectural designs. Learn more about the history of Stafford at the Queensland Government’s Historic Site.


  • Shopping and Dining: Stafford boasts a range of shopping centres, boutique stores, and a variety of restaurants offering international cuisine. The Stafford City Shopping Centre is a popular choice among locals.
  • Recreational Facilities: From parks like the Roy Harvey Park to community clubs, Stafford has a lot to offer for outdoor enthusiasts and families alike.


Stafford is home to several reputable schools, both primary and secondary. This includes Stafford State School and Queen of Apostles Primary School. Additionally, its proximity to Brisbane ensures easy access to tertiary institutions like the University of Queensland.


The suburb enjoys excellent connectivity. With regular bus services, the nearby Alderley train station, and arterial roads connecting to Brisbane CBD, commuting is a breeze.


Stafford’s housing market is an eclectic mix. While there’s an undeniable charm in its heritage Queenslander homes, there’s also a rising trend of modern townhouses and apartments catering to different lifestyles.

  • Housing Trends: The past years have seen a steady appreciation in the value of homes, making Stafford a valuable suburb to invest in. With its increasing amenities and strategic location, the trend is expected to continue.
  • Rental Trends: With the influx of professionals and families, rental demand is high. Offering both affordable and premium housing options, Stafford’s rental yields have been promising for investors.


The suburb is home to a diverse population. While young professionals and families form a significant portion, there’s also a healthy mix of retirees. This demographic blend results in a vibrant community spirit and makes Stafford an inclusive suburb.

Benefits of Investing in Stafford

Stafford’s evolving infrastructure, combined with its historic charm, makes it an excellent investment opportunity. Whether you’re looking for long-term capital growth or consistent rental yields, Stafford has something to offer every investor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Stafford from Brisbane CBD?

Stafford is just about 7km north of Brisbane CBD, making it a short drive away.

Are there good schools in Stafford?

Yes, Stafford is home to several reputable primary and secondary schools.

How's the public transport in Stafford?

Excellent. The suburb boasts regular bus services, and the nearby Alderley train station ensures easy commutes.

Is Stafford a safe suburb?

Stafford, like many suburbs in Brisbane, is considered safe. However, it’s always good to check the latest crime stats on the Queensland Police website.

What type of properties are available in Stafford?

From classic Queenslander homes to modern townhouses and apartments, Stafford offers a variety of housing options.

Why should I invest in Stafford?

Stafford offers a blend of historic charm with modern amenities, steady appreciation in property values, and promising rental yields.