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Welcome to the vibrant suburb of Eagle Farm, located in Queensland with the postcode 4009. This dynamic suburb is renowned for its industrial heritage, excellent transport links, and a growing residential community. Whether you’re seeking an investment opportunity or a place to call home, Eagle Farm offers a blend of history, amenities, and convenience that makes it an appealing choice.


Eagle Farm has a rich history dating back to the early days of European settlement. Originally established as an agricultural area, it quickly evolved into an industrial hub due to its proximity to the Brisbane River and Port of Brisbane. Over the years, the suburb has seen significant urban development and transformation, while still retaining elements of its industrial past.


Eagle Farm boasts an array of amenities that cater to both residents and visitors. With the nearby DFO Brisbane offering a wide range of retail therapy and dining options, along with a variety of local cafes and eateries, you’ll find all your needs met within a short distance. Additionally, the suburb is close to popular recreational spots such as the Brisbane Racing Club and Doomben Racecourse, providing ample opportunities for leisure and entertainment.


For families with children, Eagle Farm offers access to quality educational facilities. Local schools include Ascot State School and Hamilton State School, ensuring that your children have access to a solid education in the vicinity.


Eagle Farm’s strategic location near major transport routes makes it a convenient choice for commuters. The suburb is serviced by a network of buses and is in close proximity to the Brisbane Airport, which is a major gateway to both domestic and international destinations. The nearby Gateway Motorway offers easy access to other parts of Brisbane and beyond.


Housing trends in Eagle Farm reflect a mix of residential and industrial properties. The suburb offers a variety of housing options, including apartments, townhouses, and houses. There is a growing interest in residential development, making it an attractive prospect for property investors and first-time homebuyers alike.

Rental Trends:

Rental trends in Eagle Farm are influenced by its proximity to the airport, industrial precincts, and major business centers. This can lead to demand for rental properties, particularly among professionals seeking convenient locations. Investors might find opportunities to capitalize on this demand by providing quality rental accommodations.


Eagle Farm’s demographics encompass a diverse range of residents. From young professionals attracted to its accessibility to families seeking a convenient lifestyle, the suburb caters to various age groups and lifestyles.

Benefits of Investing in Eagle Farm:

Investing in Eagle Farm presents numerous benefits. Its strategic location near transport hubs and major employment centers offers the potential for solid rental yields. The ongoing development and revitalization of the area could lead to property value appreciation over time. Additionally, the diverse demographics and range of housing options make it an appealing destination for a wide array of potential tenants.


What is the average house price in Eagle Farm?

The average house price in Eagle Farm can vary based on factors such as property type and location. It’s recommended to consult real estate websites for the most up-to-date information on housing prices.

Are there good schools in Eagle Farm?

Yes, Eagle Farm has access to reputable schools such as Ascot State School and Hamilton State School, providing quality education for families.

How's the public transportation in Eagle Farm?

Eagle Farm benefits from a well-connected public transportation network, including buses and proximity to the Brisbane Airport and major roadways.

What amenities are available in the area?

Eagle Farm offers a range of amenities, including shopping at DFO Brisbane, dining options, cafes, and recreational facilities like the Brisbane Racing Club.

Is Eagle Farm a good place for property investment?

Yes, Eagle Farm’s location, transport links, and ongoing development make it an appealing option for property investment. Consult with professionals to assess its suitability for your investment goals.

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