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Aspley, a thriving and picturesque suburb, is a gem in the crown of Queensland. Nestled in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, Aspley, postcode 4034, is an appealing blend of relaxed suburban living and vibrant lifestyle, making it an attractive spot for families, young professionals, and retirees alike.


The suburb was named after Aspley Vineyard, a prominent vineyard in the region during the 19th century. This region has a rich history of agriculture, transitioning into a residential suburb with the expansion of Brisbane in the mid 20th century. For a comprehensive understanding of the rich local history, Queensland Places provides more historical details.


Aspley is brimming with amenities catering to the varied needs of its residents. Aspley Hypermarket is the suburb’s largest shopping centre, providing a convenient one-stop destination for all shopping needs. Green space abounds in Aspley, with numerous parks providing a breath of fresh air amid the urban environment.


The region is home to several esteemed schools and educational institutions. Aspley State School and Aspley East State School, along with the highly-regarded Aspley State High School, cater to the educational needs of families residing in the suburb. For further details on schooling in the region, you can refer to the Queensland Government’s School Directory.


Public transport is conveniently accessible in Aspley, with regular bus services operated by Brisbane Transport providing quick connections to the Brisbane CBD. The arterial Gympie Road runs through the suburb, providing easy vehicular access to the city and the Sunshine Coast.


Aspley housing trends have shown a steady rise over the years, with the median house price sitting at around $650,000 in 2023. Its diverse housing offerings include beautiful Queenslanders, modern townhouses, and low-set brick homes.

Rental Trends

The rental market is robust in Aspley, with an average weekly rent of around $450 for a three-bedroom house. With a low vacancy rate and high demand, the rental yield in the suburb remains h2, proving attractive for property investors.


Aspley has a diverse community, with the 2021 census revealing a population of just over 16,000. It is a favoured suburb for families, retirees, and young professionals, creating a friendly and vibrant neighbourhood.

The Investment Potential in Aspley

Aspley offers a promising investment landscape. The suburb’s steady growth, low vacancy rates, and h2 rental yields position it as a compelling option for investors. Additionally, the suburb’s appealing lifestyle, excellent schools, and connectivity to the CBD further underpin its investment potential. As an investor, Aspley is a suburb worth considering for a sustainable long-term property investment.

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What is the average house price in Aspley, Queensland?

The average house price in Aspley as of 2023 is around $650,000.

What is the rental yield in Aspley?

The rental yield in Aspley is strong due to high demand and low vacancy rates, with an average weekly rent of approximately $450 for a three-bedroom house.

Is Aspley a good place for families?

Yes, Aspley is a family-friendly suburb, boasting excellent educational facilities, numerous parks, and a safe, community-oriented environment.

How far is Aspley from the Brisbane CBD?

Aspley is approximately 13 kilometers north of the Brisbane CBD.

Are there good schools in Aspley?

Aspley is home to several esteemed schools, including Aspley State School, Aspley East State School, and Aspley State High School.

How can I get from Aspley to the Brisbane CBD?

Public transport is conveniently accessible in Aspley, with regular bus services providing quick connections to the Brisbane CBD. The suburb also has easy vehicular access to the city via Gympie Road.

What kind of properties are available in Aspley?

Aspley offers a range of property types, including Queenslanders, modern townhouses, and low-set brick homes.

What are the investment opportunities in Aspley?

Aspley offers robust investment opportunities, with its steady property price growth, low vacancy rates, and strong rental yields, making it an attractive option for property investors.